4 Habits To Avoid For The Sake Of Your Teeth

Teeth, despite being made of the hardest substance in the human body, are surprisingly fragile things. By now most everyone understands the negative effects of things like smoking, excess sugar, and poor dental hygiene. But other habits can prove just as destructive to your precious teeth. If you would like to learn more about preserving your pearly whites, read on. This article will present four negative habits to cut out of your life.

Chewing Ice

Many people have developed the unconscious habit of chowing down on ice each time they reach the bottom of a drink cup. While seemingly harmless, this habit can actually do a lot of damage to your teeth. Biting down on hard ice can cause chips or cracks in your enamel. Not only that, but you run the risk of shocking a nerve--a serious issue which could end up requiring a costly root canal.

Skipping Mouth Guards

Almost all sports carry some risk of injury. But while most athletes are aware of the dangers posed to their muscles and bones, fewer stop to consider their teeth. But without a mouth guard to protect your upper teeth, a full force collision can easily chip, break, or completely knock out a tooth. Investing a few dollars in a plastic mouth guard could save you both pain and money down the line.

Getting Mouth Piercings

For many people--fashion forward youth, especially--nothing is quite as edgy or hip as a continually getting piercing inside of the mouth. Unfortunately, that tongue stud may end up causing more trouble than its worth, when you accidentally chomp down on it and chip a tooth. Not only that, but mouth piercings greatly increase the risk of developing sores and infections in your mouth.

Sucking Cough Drops

Most people are conscious of the role sugar plays in tooth decay. Yet cough drops often manage to fly under the radar--probably because, unlike most sugary sweets, they happen to be sold on the medicine aisle. Be conscious of what you're buying when you reach for a package of cough drops. Try to choose a sugar-free variety, if you can. If not, this might be a good time to pick up a travel toothbrush so you can clean your teeth after each lozenge.

Bottom Line

Face it, your teeth are a precious commodity. Dentures and dental implants not withstanding, you only get one set. Therefore it's a good idea to take stock of your oral habits and eliminate any that pose an undue threat to your teeth. If you have, unfortunately, ruined your teeth, check out a cosmetic dentistry clinic near you. However, if you still have all your teeth the four issues discussed above are great ways to take care of them.