Why Removing Wisdom Teeth Is Necessary And How It’s Done

The third molars located at the back of your mouth are called wisdom teeth, and they don't start appearing until you are a young adult. They are typically removed before they start breaking through the gums because of the potential problems they can cause. By understanding why wisdom teeth need to be removed, you will be encouraged to have the procedure done when the time comes.

Why Removing Wisdom Teeth Is Necessary

Your wisdom teeth are not needed in this day and age due to the foods you eat. Many years ago, it was tough to chew on foods like nuts, roots, leaves, and meats, which caused molars to wear down. 

Today, wisdom teeth should be removed for preventative purposes and to help treat specific problems. You may have molars that are located too close, which will make it difficult to properly clean between them. This will lead to gum disease and tooth decay, unless you remove your wisdom teeth to make your mouth less crowded.

Wisdom teeth can also grow in sideways, which is often referred to as an impacted wisdom teeth. The tooth will never break through the gum line, and will eventually grow into the other teeth. It will cause preexisting teeth to become misaligned, ruining your smile, or causing an infection.

How Wisdom Teeth Are Removed

Your dentist will recommend you see a surgeon that specializes in removing wisdom teeth. The entire procedure can be performed at their office, and is an outpatient procedure. This means that you do not need to stay overnight following the surgery.

Local anesthetics are used for removing wisdom teeth so that you won't feel or remember a thing. The surgeon opens the gums, separating the bones and tissues that hold the wisdom teeth. They may need to break the teeth into small pieces so they do not need to use excessive force when removing them. Stitches are used to close your gums back together.

Wisdom teeth can be removed in one visit, or multiple visits, depending on your level of comfort. Some patients prefer to have 2 of their wisdom teeth removed so they are not limited when eating after the surgery, then come back for a second procedure. Others prefer to have them all removed at the same time so they only need to go through the procedure once.

Removing wisdom teeth is a routine procedure that is necessary for the health of your teeth. Speak with a dentist if you need more information about having the procedure done to you. To find out more information, contact a professional like Dr. Peter L Drob.