Why You Might Prefer Clear Aligner Trays Over Traditional Braces

If you want to straighten your teeth to improve your smile, but don't want to wear traditional braces, then clear aligners might work well for you. While they are still visible in your mouth, they are less noticeable than wires and elastic bands. Here are some reasons aligners are often better than wire braces.

No Special Diet Needed

Aligner trays are removable, and you take them out when you eat. Therefore, you can continue with your normal diet. With wire braces, you have to be careful about eating sticky foods that get caught in the wires. Even though you need to leave the aligners in for as many hours as you can during the day, you must take them out in order to bite and chew properly. This allows you to eat all the foods you like, and it also makes it much easier to keep your aligners clean.

Aligners Can Be Removed For Special Occasions

It's important to keep in mind your aligners will only work when you have them in place most of the day. If you take them out too often, it may take a lot longer for your teeth to shift, or they may not shift at all. However, as an adult, there are times when you'll want to remove the aligners for short periods. This could be when you have a professional photograph taken, deliver a speech, go on a job interview, or attend another special occasion. This is not possible when you wear wire braces that stay in place until your orthodontist removes them.

Clear Aligners Are More Comfortable

Aligner trays are made from smooth plastic, so they are gentle on your gums as they guide your teeth into shape. They fit on top of your teeth, so there is little risk of them making your gums sore. Braces made from wires and elastic bands are often uncomfortable, especially after each adjustment. Wires can gouge your gums and pinch the insides of your cheeks.

You Can Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Since you'll wear your braces for several months, good oral hygiene is a concern. It's often difficult to brush and floss effectively when you wear wire braces. However, you remove aligners to care for your teeth. This allows you to brush and floss as often as you want during the day, so you can avoid the development of cavities and gum disease while you wear your dental device.

While all these benefits are nice, perhaps the most significant advantage of wearing clear aligners to straighten your teeth is that they are nearly invisible. You can wear them to work without feeling self-conscious. As an adult, you may prefer to keep your slightly crooked teeth than wear wire and elastic bands everyday in the workplace. Clear aligners are the solution since they are very discreet and you can slip them out when it's needed. However, clear aligners may not work if your teeth have severe problems. The first step is to visit a place like Crest Hill Family Dental for an assessment and to examine your options.