Problematic Molar Cavities: Things To Know About Treatment

Have you been thinking hard about getting your problematic molars extracted because the large cavities in them make it hard to eat? You may able to be able to keep your molars with the help of a dentist, as he or she can cover the cavities with crowns. In this article, learn what may have to be done for a dentist to treat your annoying molar cavities so you can use them with ease.

What Happens Before Molar Cavities are Treated?

A dentist will have to determine if your molars are worth saving before they are treated. He or she will first give you an x-ray to get a look at your jawbone, as there is no reason to save molars that are in weak jawbones (they'll eventually get loose and fall out). The dentist must also examine your mouth for infections and diseases because any that are present will have to be treated before anything else is done to your mouth. If your jawbones are in good shape and all you have is an infection, the dentist will simply prescribe antibiotics that will treat the condition fast so he or she can move forward with treating the cavities.

How will the Problematic Molars Be Treated? 

If weak jawbones are an issue, the molars will be treated by simply extracting them. However, the dentist can repair the weak jawbones through bone grafting so you can replace the molars with dental implants. If weak jawbones are not an issue, you may have to get a root canal too for the removal of diseased pulp. The holes in your molars will then be filled. The dentist can also make the filled molars stronger by covering them with crowns. Although dental crowns are an optional part of treating large cavities (unless medically necessary), they are worth the money spent because they can prevent thin enamel from cracking or breaking when chewing.

What Does it Cost for a Dentist to Put Crowns on Molars?

You should be prepared for dental crowns to cost at least $500 each. However, the actual price per crown depends on the type that you get (gold alloy, porcelain or metal underneath porcelain). The most expensive crowns are constructed out of pure porcelain and can cost over $3,000 each, partially due to them being more complex to place on your teeth. Save your damaged molars by getting them treated by a dentist as soon as possible!