Mistakes That Cause Preventable Cavities In Children

Children get cavities, but many of them are preventable. You could make changes to your child's oral care and the food or drink they have to keep the tooth decay to a minimum. Here are four of the most common mistakes that parents make that cause many preventable cavities in children.

Parents Don't Brush Teeth

Children won't brush their teeth properly when they are young. They don't understand how to do it and may focus on specific teeth, missing out important sections of their mouth. When they are young, parents need to do the brushing to start with. There is nothing wrong with brushing initially and then letting children do it afterwards to get used to the feeling of the brush in their hands.

Not Booking Their Dental Appointment Early

Many parents don't put the right level of importance on their children's oral care. The Pediatric Dentistry of Collegeville states that parents should book their child's first dentist appointment by the time they are a year old. Any later than that and there is a lot of damage that can occur. Brushing should also start young, as soon as the first tooth starts to appear.

Getting children used to the dentist from a young age will improve their relationship with them. Children are more likely to care for their teeth and keep up with appointments when they get older.

Filling the Baby Bottles With Fruit Juice

Baby bottles are for milk and water only. Filling them with baby bottles that they have access to throughout the day will damage the teeth. They will continually get sugar throughout the day, rather than their bodies getting the chance to remove sugars and acid at periodic intervals.

The odd cup of fruit juice is fine to have, but make sure you avoid the bottle. Stick to offering it with dinner and offer water or milk during the rest of the day.

Not Teaching Flossing

Children learn how to brush their teeth, but many parents forget about flossing. The plaque build-up occurs between the teeth and brushes don't get into there. Children need to learn how to floss and when to do it so they develop the perfect oral hygiene routine.

You can prevent many cavities in children by avoiding the four mistakes above. Book regular appointments as soon as possible and teach your children about brushing and flossing. They'll thank you for it when they are older. Contact a pediatric dentist in your area for more information.