3 Ways A Dental Crown Can Be More Interesting

Dental crowns usually serve a functional purpose of protecting the roots and core of a tooth and prevent a tooth extraction after severe decay or trauma. However, dental crowns can also be cosmetic additions to your mouth. Occasionally, crowns are used instead of veneers to help cover discolored or misshapen teeth to give you a natural, beautiful smile. In most cases, crowns are made from ceramic or porcelain that is dyed and specially crafted to match the color of your natural teeth. But you do have a few options that will make your crown stand out as a piece of oral jewelry.

Metal Crowns

​The most simple and cost effective way to make your crown stand out is to opt for a metal crown as opposed to a ceramic or porcelain crown. Metal options vary but include stainless steel, gold, and palladium. Metals can be a better choice than ceramic or porcelain because they can be thinner, meaning less of the natural tooth has to be removed during preparation. Additionally, they are long-lasting solutions. They are also highly visible, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your desires.

Tooth Jewels

​Tooth jewels are a little more subtle than a metal crown. They are usually shiny gems that are temporarily cemented to your tooth. However, they can also be small metal charms as opposed to gems and they can be permanently cemented or cast into your crown while it is being made. The benefit of adding a temporary jewel to your crown is that it can be replaced or removed when you are ready for a change.

​Tooth Tattoos

​Tooth tattoos are ink etchings that are added to your crown while it is being constructed. They are permanent and to have them removed, you would have to replace your entire crown. However, they give you greater customization options than tooth jewels, so you can fully express yourself. One drawback to tooth tattoos is that from a distance they can create the look of having something stuck in your teeth. To avoid this, you may want to choose a subtle color, such as a pink or light blue, so the tattoo will not be confused with food or debris in your mouth.

Having to replace a tooth with a crown can be a bit disappointing at first. However, once you know all of the fun options available, you may find that you enjoy your new crown. For more information, talk to a professional like Webster Cosmetic Dental LTD.