Tips For Alleviating Pediatric Dental Pain While Away From Home On Vacation

If your family is away from home on vacation and your toddler develops dental pain, then there are many things you can to to help them feel better while waiting for an appointment with their pediatric dentist. Since dental pain has a variety of different causes, you may need to try a few of these tips to get your child the maximum amount of pain relief:

Tip: Brush and Floss Your Toddlers Teeth Very Well

Before you take further action, you should ensure that your toddler's dental pain isn't being caused by something stuck between their teeth. To do so, brush and floss their teeth very well and inspect them for damage. If this does not relieve their pain, then you will need to take additional steps.

Tip: Purchase Some Numbing Teething Gel

One of the most effective and fastest ways to alleviate dental pain in a toddler is to use some numbing gel that is sold for teething babies. Find a local grocery store or gas station with a little store and buy a tube of teething gel. Apply the teething gel to the area that is sore and it will give immediate relief. However, it is important to note, the teething gel will only last for about an hour and then will need to be reapplied.

Tip: Give Your Toddler an Over-the-Counter Pain Medication

In addition to using a teething gel, you should also give your toddler a dose of an over-the-counter children's pain relieving medication. This is especially important at night time so that your child will be able to sleep well and so your entire family can get the rest it needs to enjoy your vacation.

Tip: Ask Your Hotel's Concierge if They Have a Dentist On-Call for Their Guests

Finally, if you are vacationing in a resort area and are staying at a large hotel, ask their concierge if the hotel has a dentist who is on-call to assist their guests in the case of an emergency. Most hotels do have someone they can refer to you and you might be able to take your child to their office for care. If they do not have a dentist on-call or you believe your toddler can wait until you get back home to their regular dentist, then make sure you make a call as soon as possible to get an emergency appointment for when you return home. Contact a dental office, like Neu Family Dental Center, for more help.