Laser Whitening Myths To Understand

If you want whiter teeth, then a professional dental whitening may be a great option for you. These types of whitening treatments involve either a laser or a highly concentrated gel. While whitening treatments with lasers are typically much quicker than simple gel treatments, there are some common misconceptions about the whitening you should understand first.

Myth - The Laser Whitens The Teeth

A common myth about laser tooth whitening is the fact that the laser actually works to whiten the teeth. This is not true and the same peroxide paste or gel is used during the treatment that is applied when you opt for a tray whitening treatment. The difference is that the one used with the laser may be a bit stronger since it will be one the teeth for a shorter length of time.

The laser is used with the treatment to activate the gel so it can better oxidize the stains on the teeth. Oxidation of the gel and the small bubbles that are created by the process are what forces the debris away from the teeth. In other words, the laser enhances oxidation, but it does not create the whitening effect.

Myth - Only A Single Treatment Is Needed

If you opt for a tray whitening treatment, you will need to use trays for several weeks. The difference between office whitening and at home tray use in this case is the strength of the gel. Whitening gels can be created stronger since they will be used under the supervision of a dental professional. However, they cannot be so strong that they actively damage the teeth. This is also true of the laser whitening agents. They are strong, but not too strong.

Since the whitening gel can only be mixed so strong to reduce potential tooth damage, several treatments are needed to get the effect you desire. The treatments are shorter and last between 15 an 60 minutes. Up to four treatments are needed and you may not see immediate results after the first treatment. 

While these things are true, the gel treatments can take over and hour to complete and some people need 10 treatments or more. Since the treatments must be scheduled several weeks apart, it can take months to complete the whitening. If you are in a hurry to see a whiter smile, then laser treatments are your best option.

Keep in mind that whitening treatments can last up to about three years, so you will need to invest in maintenance treatments once the teeth become stained once again. For more information, contact companies like Top Dental.