Cosmetic Dental Applications To Improve The Look Of Dental Imperfections

Many people are seeking ways to improve the appearance of their teeth. Teeth that are white, appropriately sized, straight, and uniform are often considered attractive. However, many people suffer from teeth that are far from perfect. Nevertheless, there are multiple cosmetic dentistry options to transform the look of less-than-perfect teeth.

Here are a few cosmetic dental problems and some of the applications available to correct them.

Discolored Teeth

Teeth that are yellow or stained may look dirty and unattractive even though they have been properly brushed and flossed. Discoloration can be difficult to remove because of the porosity of the teeth. The pores within the tooth enamel absorb the colorants found in darkly colored foods and drinks. As the colorants build up within the tooth material, the enamel becomes increasingly discolored. 

The stains that result from foods and beverages can be removed from the teeth using dental bleaches. The chemicals used to bleach the teeth are considered safe and contain low to moderate levels of peroxide. The lowest levels of peroxide are usually found in over-the-counter products that are designed for self-application. Still, the products must be applied as directed, or unsavory results, such as dental sensitivity, may result. 

Professional bleaching products are applied in a dental office by a dental professional. As a result, the dental patient does not have to be concerned about applying the professional product on his or her own. Additionally, the professional product may produce better and faster results than store-bought bleaching products. Frequently, a special light is applied to the teeth after the professional product is in place to intensify the whitening results.

Irregularly Shaped or Sized Teeth

Teeth may be irregularly shaped because of structural damages, such as chips or cracks, from trauma. Teeth can also have an irregular shape or size due to the natural growth pattern of the teeth. 

Regardless of the reason for the dental irregularity, the appearance of an irregular tooth can be corrected using a dental veneer or a dental crown. Dental veneers and crowns conceal imperfections. 

A veneer is applied to the front of a tooth. However, a dental crown covers the entire natural crown of a tooth. Each device can be fashioned from a tooth-colored material, such as resin or porcelain. If only one veneer or crown is needed, its color can be matched to that of the patient's other teeth.

If you would like to improve the appearance of one or more of your teeth, contact the office of a cosmetic dentist in your area to schedule an appointment.