Can Dental Veneers Fix Bite Problems?

Do you have an issue where your teeth are not aligned properly when your mouth is closed? This is considered a bite problem, and it can cause discomfort or pain when eating or simply closing your mouth. Any major problems with a bite will require the use of braces to move the teeth into the proper position. However, minor problems can potentially be fixed by using dental veneers.

Wide Spaces

Are there teeth with a large gap between them that is causing problems? You may be getting food between your teeth, which is irritating the gums as a result. You can use veneers for the purpose of filling in this gap, which may be considered too small for you to justify using braces to correct.

The teeth that surround the gap will be shaved down slightly so that there is room for dental veneers to be placed on the teeth. Each veneer will be positioned slightly differently than the existing tooth so that it can appear as if the gap between them has been closed in a natural way. The teeth will look slightly wider, but it would not be noticeable to others.

Open Bite

Your bite problem may be how your teeth located in the upper front part of your mouth are too high when you bite down, which creates a gap when your teeth are closed. This can not only create problems with how the teeth function, but it can also look weird when you smile to have that gap showing.

This problem can be fixed by using dental veneers on your lower and upper teeth. The goal will be to have both rows of teeth meet in the middle so that your teeth appear to be completely closed when your mouth is closed. This will prevent the upper teeth from looking too long in comparison to the lower teeth, which can help create a unified look in your mouth.

Crooked Alignment

Another problem are teeth that are crooked, meaning that the front teeth do not meet up in the same place at the front of your mouth. Some people don't like the look of this problem, but small misalignments can be fixed with veneers. A custom-made set of veneers will be placed on the front surface of the teeth that causes the teeth to appear in alignment. The veneers won't match the exact placement of the teeth below, which will fix the cosmetic problem that you have.

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