3 Reasons To Visit A Dental Office For Dental Implants

Many oral health issues could lead to tooth loss, from periodontal diseases to tooth decay and oral injuries. Unfortunately, losing your teeth comes with numerous challenges, such as speech and chewing problems, leading to low self-esteem. Generally, you are also likely to feel uncomfortable as people stare at the dental gaps. However, all hope is not lost because you can visit a dental clinic for dental implants, a perfect tooth replacement option. Here are reasons why you should consider them today.

1. Look Like Natural Teeth

As the name suggests, implants involve snugly implanting an artificial root into the jawbone. The root is usually made of a biocompatible metal post such as titanium, explaining why the body doesn't reject it. The implant works as a natural root since the post is firmly anchored.

Implants are also available in various shades of white. This enables the dentist to install one that matches your real teeth, bringing a natural look and smile. That way, no one out there can tell that you have implants.

2. Prevent Bone Loss

There's more to missing teeth than causing cosmetic problems. When you lose one or a few teeth, the bone density around the gap starts reducing after a short time. Without a tooth root to stimulate the jawbone, your jaws reduce due to bone ossification. As a result, the body assumes the gap is no longer necessary, thus eradicating it by shrinking the affected section of the jawbone.

Note that jawbone loss can cause a sunken appearance due to the lack of proper facial muscle support. This is the last thing you want as it can make you look much older and lead to esteem issues. The good news is that implants have a root that helps enhance bone growth. So with implants, facial structure issues will be the least of your worries.

3. Prevent Diet Limitations

Missing teeth make most people stick to soft foods. This is not surprising since the missing teeth compromise your chewing capabilities. Fortunately, implants can help restore full chewing power since they are firmly anchored on the jawbone. In the end, you will start enjoying all your favorite menus, corn on the cob included.

Despite the advancements in dental technology, many people still struggle with missing teeth. However, this shouldn't be the case since implants effectively keep toothlessness at bay. If you wish to learn more about implant surgery, all you need to do is to visit a reliable dental clinic near you.

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