Colored Braces Selection Tips

Bands, brackets, and wires that comprise a set of braces can be any color of the rainbow. Your orthodontist may use a color wheel to guide you in choosing a set of braces. Considerations about your personality and appearance should be taken. Additionally, you should contemplate how often your braces will be adjusted by your orthodontist.

Your Consultation

Your first consultation with your orthodontist may involve discussing the results of your dental exam. Braces may need to be worn anywhere from several months to several years. Classic braces, which consist of metal materials that are a silver color can be selected.

If you would like your braces to have a more modern appearance, however, you can select from a wide range of colors and have your new braces representative of a favorite color or pattern. Brace materials do no need to be one solid color. You can choose a distinct color for the bands and choose an alternate color for the other parts of your braces. 

Your Preferences

The color of your braces could be representative of your birthstone, a holiday, or a season. Your appearance may play a role in triggering you to choose a particular color or color combination. For instance, your eye color or complexion may look better against a particular braces color than other ones. Your orthodontist may use a color chart and a mirror to help you compare various colors of braces against your teeth.

The color of your teeth and your dietary habits may influence the color/colors that you select. If you are a coffee drinker and your teeth become stained occasionally, you may want to choose braces that are a dark color. The darkness of the bands, brackets, and wires will contrast against the color of you teeth. The contrast will lessen the impact of slight dental stains.

Your Orthodontist's Schedule

Your orthodontist will tighten various parts of your braces and make other adjustments as needed. Your orthodontist will discuss the schedule that you will need to follow while wearing your braces. You may be required to schedule orthodontist appointments every few months.

If you are hung up between two or more different colors that you think you would like your braces to be, you can try out a different color each time that your orthodontist treats you. It is perfectly acceptable to continue changing the colors of your braces. You will have the option of choosing one or more colors at each of your scheduled appointments. Look into orthodontic treatment near you.