4 Ways Tongue Tie Releases Offer Freedom To Sufferers

There are many adults who have a tongue tie. This is caused by them having shorter frenulums. The issue can lead to speech impediments. Some adults may assume that they are too old to take advantage of modern approaches to correcting the issue. Tongue ties can be effectively improved through tongue tie releases. A tongue release may also be referred to as a frenotomy, frenectomy, or frenulotomy. There are a variety of benefits to expect after this procedure is performed. The following points outline a few. 

Better Speech

The tongue is a key part of speech. A tongue tie makes it difficult for individuals to pronounce certain words. For some individuals, this can be embarrassing, while others might find it frustrating and overwhelming to communicate. Tongue tie releases involve clipping the frenulum, which makes it longer. Modern techniques use a laser for this procedure. The improved speech results are immediate.

Better Oral Health

The tongue helps clean the back of teeth as individuals eat. If it can not extend far enough to reach the backs of teeth, there is a risk of food build-up. The substance can be removed with toothbrushing. However, there is a risk of gum disease or tooth decay. The at-risk group would be individuals with poor dental hygiene and teens and children. Tongue tie releases are simple procedures that are considered minimally invasive. 

Better Breathing

Some individuals with tongue ties have sleep apnea, which causes them to snore. This is caused by the tongue's position in the mouth. It may restrict an individual's airway and cause snoring. Some individuals also have issues during their awake hours. This can cause heavy breathing and easy exhaustion.

Better Enjoyment of Food

A short frenulum may negatively impact how an individual chews their food. The jaws, teeth, and tongue are important parts of chewing food. The tongue has to push food to teeth to be chewed. Tongue ties may interfere with this process. This can lead to partially chewed food that may cause indigestion. The food may be harder to swallow, and individuals might not be able to fully taste food. These situations might make certain foods undesirable to individuals with tongue ties. 

A dentist is a good resource to use to learn more about tongue tie releases. The procedure can be performed as early as infancy. This means that parents who have been informed that their babies have short frenulum can get the procedure performed early in life. This can help babies to sleep better, breastfeed or eat normally, and avoid language delays and speech impediments.