All You Need To Know About Full-Arch Restoration Procedures

Dental implants have revolutionized the way oral health is treated. They offer an excellent solution for tooth loss, allowing people to have a perfect smile and to be able to eat their favorite foods without any problems. When it comes to full-arch restoration, dental implants have proved to be the perfect solution. Full-arch restoration involves replacing all the teeth in the arch with dental implants for superior functionality and aesthetics. If you are considering this procedure or want to know more about it, keep reading this blog.

Exam and Consultation

The full-arch restoration procedure always begins with a detailed dental exam where the dentist will assess your oral health and jawbone density and determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. During the consultation, you and your dentist will discuss your medical history, dental goals, and the options available to you. The initial consultation is crucial as it helps the dentist determine which type of implant the patient requires and the number of posts needed to support the full bridge.

Implant Placement and Temporary Bridge

Once the patient has been cleared for the procedure, the next step is implant placement. Initially, the dentist will make small incisions in the gum and create space in the jaw for the implant. The implants are then placed carefully and precisely to ensure they are stable and can support the temporary bridge. The temporary bridge is usually a non-permanent bridge that is placed over the implant during the healing process.

Customized Dental Bridge

After the implant has healed and integrated with the jawbone, the patient will be required to come in for a series of appointments to create a customized dental bridge. The dental bridge will be designed to fit your unique smile and dental goals. The dental bridge can be made of different materials, including porcelain, zirconia, or acrylic. The purpose of the dental bridge is to improve your aesthetics and restore your functionality so you can eat normally.

Final Placement of the Permanent Bridge

Once the dental bridge has been designed, the final step is the placement of the permanent bridge. The permanent bridge is the final product and is designed to last a lifetime. The permanent dental bridge is screwed onto the implants, and the patient can enjoy their new, perfect, and functional smile.

Full-arch restoration provides patients with a permanent solution to dental problems resulting from tooth loss. The procedure will improve your overall oral health and enhance your smile.

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