Common Concerns And Questions Answered About Porcelain Dental Crowns

Porcelain dental crowning treatment is popular for people looking to fix their teeth. However, there are some concerns that people may have before opting for this treatment. Learning more about what to expect from this procedure can give you the insights you need to make informed choices. What Are Porcelain Dental Crowns? Porcelain dental crowns are a seemingly simple treatment option that involves protecting and restoring a tooth with a thin porcelain cap. Read More 

Dental Implants Are Coming Your Way: Know What To Do To Prepare

Dental implants, it's safe to say, have revolutionized how dental patients cope with a lost tooth. In years past, the only way to fill that unattractive gap in a smile was a partial denture or bridgework.  However, dental implants present patients with a worry-free and natural-looking way to perfect a smile. Implants can last many years, they don't have to be removed for cleaning, and they don't require any special care. Read More 

5 Unusual Reasons To Get Botox Injections

Botox is most known for being an effective treatment for wrinkles and other aesthetic needs, but it is also a treatment for a lot of other things. Many uses are currently FDA-approved and there are more and more uses for Botox that are being investigated. Consider some of these lesser-known reasons to get Botox injections.  Eye Health There are several applications of Botox that improve eye health. Botox injections can help to correct eye misalignment, a disorder known as " Read More 

3 Reasons Why Your Child Needs Regular Dental Cleanings

Few people seriously consider their kids' dental health until something like a toothache or other complication occurs. However, you can ensure your young one does not struggle with a lifetime of oral health complications by investing in preventive dental health care. For example, tooth cleaning is the recommended care to eliminate the chances of teeth accumulating tartar and plaque, leading to health complications. Here are some benefits that you might get from this exercise. Read More 

4 Ways Tongue Tie Releases Offer Freedom To Sufferers

There are many adults who have a tongue tie. This is caused by them having shorter frenulums. The issue can lead to speech impediments. Some adults may assume that they are too old to take advantage of modern approaches to correcting the issue. Tongue ties can be effectively improved through tongue tie releases. A tongue release may also be referred to as a frenotomy, frenectomy, or frenulotomy. There are a variety of benefits to expect after this procedure is performed. Read More