Is Grinding Your Teeth Prematurely Aging You?

Lots of people worry about how their teeth look, but many don't consider the impact teeth in poor shape can have on their overall appearance. Even if you don't flash a smile, if you're a regular tooth grinder, your teeth could be making you look older or heavier than you actually are. Read on to learn how this happens and what you can do to reverse the effects. What Happens When You Grind Your Teeth Read More 

Broken Baby Teeth: What Your Options Are

Toddlers fall down a lot; that is what they do as they learn to walk. However, they are also prone to smacking their little faces on hard surfaces in the process. That often leads to broken baby teeth, especially when the surfaces they hit are concrete, asphalt, store floors, or rocks. If your toddler has banged into something really hard face-first, and comes up with a wiggly tooth and a lot of blood, here are your options regarding what you can do and what your pediatric dentist will suggest. Read More 

The Basics of Dental Implants

If you have a tooth that needs to be pulled and you are worried about how you're going to replace it, then this article is for you. One of the best options for you to consider is a dental implant. But what are dental implants and what do you need to know about them? This article will answer a few basic questions for you, so if you are ready to learn more, read on.  What Are Dental Implants?  Dental implants involve two parts: a dental post and a dental crown. Read More 

Can You Get Implants If Most Of Your Teeth Need Replacing?

If you are missing most of your teeth, or your dentist needs to extract most of them due to health issues, then you may think that your only option is dentures. After all, a single implant can cost thousands of dollars, so replacing so many teeth with implants may not be a viable solution. However, many people prefer implants because they are aesthetically pleasing and permanent. Implants also prevent the loss of bone density in the jaw. Read More 

Two Signs That It’s Time For You To Visit The Dentist

Some people are almost religious about going to see the dentist at least once per year. This group might believe that as long as they're given a clean bill of dental health at that time there really is no reason to visit their dental professional outside of this occasion. However, you can't put a date or time on a dental emergency, and there are usually a few telling signs that mean that you need to go to the dentist outside of your scheduled appointment. Read More