4 Tips For Better Oral Health With General Dentistry

According to U.S. News, approximately 35% of adults did not see a dentist in 2019. Dental care is an important way to protect your teeth and gums. If you avoid the dentist's office or simply forget to prioritize your dental care, these tips can help you achieve better oral health with general dentistry.

1. Ask Your Dentist for Appointment Reminders  

It's easy to let dental appointments slip your mind. If you often find yourself forgetting to schedule new dental appointments, you can ask your dentist to provide appointment reminders. Many dentists offer this service in the form of reminder business cards, emails, and even text messages. A subtle nudge to schedule your next dental appointment might be all you need to achieve better oral health.

2. Make Up Missed Dental Appointments as Soon as Possible

Ideally, you should have your teeth cleaned and x-rayed regularly. Unfortunately, it might not always be possible to attend your scheduled dental appointments when emergencies and other scheduling conflicts arise. Instead of waiting for a long time to pass for your next scheduled dental appointment to come around, it's better to make up for missed dental appointments as soon as possible. Seeing your dentist a week or even a month late is better than waiting half a year for your next checkup.

3. Talk to Your Dentist About Long-Standing Dental Problems

Dentists can spot many oral problems through visual exams and x-rays. However, there may be problems that your dentist doesn't know about unless you inform them. For instance, tooth discoloration is not a dangerous dental problem, but it makes many people uncomfortable with their smiles. Small cracks and chips in teeth can also cause embarrassment and even tooth sensitivity. If there's something about your teeth that has been bothering you for a while, it's best to bring it up with your dentist. Bringing problems to your dentist's attention will allow you to address them together.

4. Inquire About Payment Plans for Restorative Treatments

Dental insurance can lower the cost of dental care. However, certain treatments may still be prohibitively expensive for some patients. It's important to have cavities, root canals, and other dental diseases treated as soon as possible to avoid further damage. If you can't pay for a dental treatment that you need, you may want to inquire about payment plans. Some dentists allow patients to pay for treatments in installments so they can access the care they need.

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