Teeth Whitening For A Brighter Smile Among Seniors

You are never too old for a teeth whitening treatment. There are no safety reasons not to, and it's a great way to get back that bright and youthful smile that will undoubtedly take years from your face. Read on to learn more! Yellow Teeth and Natural Aging Over time, and as you grow older, your tooth enamel may start to thin, allowing the color of your dentin to show. The dentin is the inner surface of your tooth and contains a yellowish pulp. Read More 

4 Tips For Better Oral Health With General Dentistry

According to U.S. News, approximately 35% of adults did not see a dentist in 2019. Dental care is an important way to protect your teeth and gums. If you avoid the dentist's office or simply forget to prioritize your dental care, these tips can help you achieve better oral health with general dentistry. 1. Ask Your Dentist for Appointment Reminders   It's easy to let dental appointments slip your mind. If you often find yourself forgetting to schedule new dental appointments, you can ask your dentist to provide appointment reminders. Read More 

Three Ways Dental Cleaning Can Improve Oral Aesthetics And Boost Self-Confidence

Frequent dental cleanings improve oral health by preventing cavities and tooth loss. During a typical dental cleaning appointment, the dentist checks the teeth and gums for any underlying issues such as inflammation, infection, or tooth decay. Therefore, you can seek treatment early and prevent dental problems from worsening. However, besides improving one's oral health, dental cleaning also boosts oral aesthetics and self-confidence. Read on to find out how. Removes Plaque and Tartar Read More 

Colored Braces Selection Tips

Bands, brackets, and wires that comprise a set of braces can be any color of the rainbow. Your orthodontist may use a color wheel to guide you in choosing a set of braces. Considerations about your personality and appearance should be taken. Additionally, you should contemplate how often your braces will be adjusted by your orthodontist. Your Consultation Your first consultation with your orthodontist may involve discussing the results of your dental exam. Read More 

4 Things You May Experience During Treatment For Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease must be taken seriously because it can lead to dangerous infections and bone loss if it is not treated. Your dentist can treat periodontal disease by cleaning the area around and below your gums, replacing damaged bone tissue, and providing patient education to prevent recurrences of gum disease. Here are four things you may experience when you visit your dentist for periodontal disease treatment: 1. Your dentist will clean away pockets of bacteria beneath your gums. Read More