Afraid Of The Dentist’s Drill? Why Not Try Contactless Drilling?

It's quite natural to have a few fears in life, but these fears tend to evolve as you get older. As a child, you might have been afraid of monsters under your bed. As an adult, you're more likely to be worried about your mortgage. But there's one fear that can last a lifetime, no matter how often you try to tell yourself that you're being foolish—and that's fear of the dentist's drill. Read More 

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Many dental patients put off dental treatment because they fear the pain of the procedure. But dental treatment doesn't have to be painful. Modern dentistry is far less painful than dentistry of the distant past. And one means that dentists have of reducing pain is sedation dentistry. If you have dental anxiety or a fear of dental pain, then sedation dentistry is a good option for you. Sedation dentistry comes in several forms. Read More 

Here’s Why A Sore Dental Implant Needs Quick Treatment

Dental implant surgery is generally painless, but that's courtesy of the anesthesia that your dentist gave you before beginning. After the procedure, when the effects of the anesthesia wear off, you will begin to feel some discomfort; this is perfectly normal and can be managed with pain medication at home. As the healing process begins, and your jaw begins to fuse with the implant, your discomfort will fade. So why, months (or even years) after that brief, initial discomfort is your implant starting to hurt? Read More 

Cosmetic Dentistry Could Transform Your Smile With Veneers

An attractive smile may be important to you for social and business reasons. If you hide your smile because of the way your teeth look, your social and business interactions could be affected. Cosmetic dentistry can improve the appearance of your teeth so you have more self-confidence and quit worrying about how you look. Dental veneers are a possible option for improving the shape and appearance of your teeth. Here's how they work. Read More 

How Do Dental Veneers Work And How Long Do They Last?

Dental veneers are typically applied to a person's incisor teeth. These are the teeth you use to bite your food, and they're also the teeth that are on display when you smile. Veneers can give you a smile as perfect as any movie star's. A dentist can help you through the process of choosing and installing dental veneers. Here are four things you should know about dental veneers: 1. Your dental veneers will be made just for you Read More