How A Family Dentist Can Help You If You Haven’t Been To The Dentist Much

If you are an adult who has not been to the dentist much — or at all — in your life, you might fear that it's too late to start taking care of your teeth. However, you should not give up on having good oral and dental health just because you haven't always had the dental care that you needed. If you find a good family dentist, they can help you a lot when you're in this situation. Read More 

Kids Can Get Cavities! What You Should Know About Child Tooth Decay

While you may think that baby teeth don't need as much care as adult teeth, baby teeth are actually more susceptible to cavities than adult teeth. The enamel is weaker, and more likely to suffer from tooth decay due to not brushing and flossing properly. Here are a few things you need to know about kids and tooth decay. Kids Can't Communicate Symptoms Well One of the problems with children and tooth decay is that they do not know that there is a problem because they don't know the signs, or honestly don't feel anything when a cavity is in its early stages. Read More 

Getting Dental Implants? What To Know About Your Temporary Implant

Are you planning on having dental implants installed in your mouth? If so, it is likely that the dentist will have you wear a temporary implant for a length of time. Here is what you need to know about this step of the process. When Are Temporary Implants Used? While a temporary dental implant can be used in any situation, it is more common when people have a lot of teeth replaced with dental implants. Read More 

Common FAQs For Dental Implants

There are numerous benefits to dental implants. Unlike partial dentures, implants are permanent restorations. The actual implant sits beneath the gum line and an abutment and false crown are attached to the implant post. Implants help your jaw retain its structural integrity and the materials used for the false teeth can be matched to look like your own. If you are wanting to get at dental implant, these are some questions you might have. Read More 

Can Dental Veneers Fix Bite Problems?

Do you have an issue where your teeth are not aligned properly when your mouth is closed? This is considered a bite problem, and it can cause discomfort or pain when eating or simply closing your mouth. Any major problems with a bite will require the use of braces to move the teeth into the proper position. However, minor problems can potentially be fixed by using dental veneers. Wide Spaces Read More